Biology & Chemistry Cohort

Complete 8 Units of Biology & Chemistry
In just 2 Days a Week!

Study and work with a group of motivated students, just like you!

What is the Bio-Chem Cohort?

The BIO-CHEM Cohort is a way for science majors to complete their first-semester science coursework within a learning community of peers. Students in the BIO-CHEM Cohort will sign up for Biology 1 (with a lab) and Introduction to Chemistry (with a lab) with the same group of students; that is, a cohort. This format allows students to be part of a learning community that is connected across courses and provides incentives and opportunities for greater success.

The co-requisite sections for Spring 2017 are:

  • Biology 1 (BIOL 201 501)
  • Biology 1 Lab (BIOL 201L 501)
  • Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM 101 501)
  • Introduction to Chemistry Lab (CHEM 101L 501)

How Does It Work?

  • The cohort model combines two or more courses to create a learning community whereby students benefit from smaller class sizes and the construction of enduring relationships. 
  • Students enrolled in the BIO-CHEM Cohort will meet for about 5 ½ hours on two days each week with the same group of students. The cohort model encourages collaboration across the biology and chemistry curricula and it facilitates the formation of effective study groups and opportunities.

Will This Format Change the Curriculum?

No. The same course objectives and learning assessments will apply. Also, grades are not combined; they will still be given by the respective lecture or lab instructor.

Will the Instruction in the Cohort Be Different Than in "Normal" Sections of Biology or Chemistry?

  • No. All faculty develop lesson plans and teach a little differently; learning to appreciate diversity is one of the benefits resulting from public higher education.
  • Students will receive instruction in both lecture halls and laboratories via discussion, demonstration, lecture, group activities, or other pedagogical interventions.
  • Cohort faculty will coordinate to minimize conflicts between biology and chemistry courses. For example, if it is possible to schedule examinations on different days or even weeks, faculty are committed to do so in the students’ best interest.
  • All students at CWI receive access to Blackboard course sites online and will be given materials to prepare themselves for the in-class and in-lab activities.

Who Are the Cohort Instructors?

All faculty teaching in the BIO-CHEM Cohort are experienced, full-time professors and instructional innovators in their respective departments. All faculty have advanced degrees in biology, chemistry, and/or education and a penchant for creating novel learning opportunities for students. More information for each instructor can be found on their personal web pages.

How Do I Register?

Register for the BIO-CHEM Cohort by selecting any of the four co-requisite sections of biology and chemistry. You should be prompted to add the remaining three.

The co-requisite sections are:

  • Biology 1 (BIOL 201 501)
  • Biology 1 Lab (BIOL 201L 501)
  • Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM 101 501)
  • Introduction to Chemistry Lab (CHEM 101L 501)

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