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Reducing Student Debt

March 15, 2016
Laura Grout Debt photo

“It was a leap of faith coming (back) to school and deciding I would try this. For years I felt like I was a failure and that I would never amount to anything educationally, that I would never be able to have a career, or ever be successful. Now I feel like I can. I earn straight As; which allows me to receive scholarships so I can continue my education without saddling myself and my family with added debt.” —Laura Grout—Reduction in Student Borrowing

As student debt in the United States continues to rise at an all-time high--now higher than credit card debt-CWI has taken an active role in financial aid advising. Through this proactive approach, CWI students are borrowing less money in loans. Last year student loan borrowing at CWI decreased by 28% over the previous year. Keeping tuition low and active advising allow students to recognize the financial benefits of college upon graduation. 

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