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Hands-On Learning

March 15, 2016
Ken Silvers Hands-On Learning

“I always wanted to be in the medical field. I went into the Army after graduating from high school specifically for the college benefits, but then life happened. When I finally decided to go back to school, I took advantage of everything I could to get readjusted to being a student. I enrolled in the Medical Assistant training program through CWI’s Workforce Development program. CWI definitely prepared me for my job. I am finally in a career where I can go home at the end of the day and say I helped someone. I tell my friends that it’s never too late. Don’t let age be a factor that holds you back. Just find your passion and go for it!” —Ken Silvers—Hands-on Learning

College of Western Idaho’s programs go well beyond lectures in a classroom. Nearly every program at CWI requires substantial lab time, internship work, and physical illustration of skills acquired prior to certificate and degree attainment. Through active participation and donations from the community, students have direct access to state-of-the industry equipment and expertise to ensure career readiness upon completion of their program. 

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