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Monarch Research Project at CWI

Under CWI student Vance McFarland’s watchful eye, more than 50 Monarch Butterflies are ready for a long migration journey.

Oct. 6-7 marked two exciting days of collaboration among educators from around the state of Idaho who gathered at Timberline High School in Boise for the first-ever Idaho Super Conference, "Learning Across All Dimensions." I was fortunate to have been accepted to present a session,...

Ryan Lewis, CWI Alumnus

Ryan Lewis is a prime example of how a student can take their education from CWI and turn it into a successful career.

2016 Summer Research Symposium at Boise State University

Seven Biology students had the opportunity to spend their summer vacations in the field researching birds, butterflies, and freshwater mollusks.

CWI Impact - Birds of Prey

Three students and a CWI biology instructor had the opportunity to get up-close and very personal with osprey—all in the name of science.

CWI Impact - Chasing Butterflies

Two CWI students spent their summer as part of a large-scale research effort to save Monarch butterflies from becoming endangered species.

Casey Lewis

Casey Lewis took what he learned in CWI's Business classes and put it to work in the real world.

College of Western Idaho (CWI) is launching an Entrepreneurial Strategy class this fall. This is a hybrid course designed for students pursuing a career in entrepreneurship or anybody that aspires to turn ideas into reality. You will get the opportunity to meet successful local business owners...

Carol Billing and Molly Wolk presented at the Mountain Plains Adult Education Association and Idaho Lifelong Learners Association’s Conference.

Do Travertine Springs limit the distribution of an invasive mollusk in Eastern Idaho?

The answer appears to be “NO,” at least that’s how we see it today. Three CWI students will discuss this question, and their findings, when they present the results of their year-long...


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