“Our goal is to see students graduate with strong technical skills that will give them confidence to succeed in any business environment. As the field of web development continues to transform and be a catalyst for change, we are striving to inspire each student to become life-long learners and innovators.” Jenny Wokersien, Program Head

Program Overview

“Web development” is a broad term used to define the work involved in developing a website for the Internet or a corporate intranet. There is a wide range of possibilities available to you by pursuing a career in web development, which is why this program offers an introduction to a variety of areas located within the discipline. Web development can encompass web design, web content development, or e-commerce development as well as client-liaison, web-server, and network-security configuration. Web development also commonly refers to writing markup and coding. To address this diverse profession, we help students acquire an understanding of programming principles and languages so that they can become proficient in XHTML and related technologies.

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Program Head:
Jenny Wokersien

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The Web drives the world. This program will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to become a competent web developer. You will learn web design and development essentials, database design fundamentals, and will be introduced to several programming languages. Upon graduation you will be able to develop robust, database-driven web applications.