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"Sociology is for those who want to be engaged citizens locally and globally.  Sociology is a science that reveals the true mechanics of human action.  Through that understanding graduates are able to make an impact in policy creation, social services, human services, research, and teaching."

- Charles A. Dickinson, Sociology Faculty & Program Head

Program Overview

Deciding to major in sociology at College of Western Idaho (CWI) will provide you the opportunity to lay a foundation of understanding for human interaction and group behaviors. Your knowledge in this discipline will give you the ability to conduct research, as well as analyze, and solve problems. Specific courses in the Sociology degree program will expose you to cultures, social change, social problems, and race and ethnic relations from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

This program is a first step toward a bachelor’s degree, preparing you to enter careers such as social work, urban planning, law, public health, and government service.

Program Mission

The Sociology program is intended to serve several purposes.  The primary mission of the Sociology program is to provide sociology majors with the first two years of course work generally associated with a four year bachelor's degree in Sociology and to prepare them to excel in these programs when they transfer to a four year college or university. Another function of the Sociology program is contributing to a well-rounded education by providing choices to non-majors in order to meet the social science component of the general education requirements of Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees.  Regardless of the students' path, the Sociology program engages students with concepts and ideas that will provide useful insights into the relationships between the social organization of group life and its subsequent impacts upon the thinking, acting, and interaction patterns of individuals. 

Why Sociology?

A Sociology degree prepares students to transfer into a variety of social sciences at the four-year college and university level.  While geared toward transfer into a sociology program, it can also lead to majors such as social work, criminal justice, anthropology, psychology, or political science.  Sociology majors gain a general background in social science and complete the first two years of course work for a four year bachelor's degree.

Additional Educational Opportunities at CWI

The Sociology Club is a student group that works to serve the community and learn more about sociology.  Membership is open to all students. There is no fee to join.  There are additional opportunities outside of the club to engage in civil and cultural development.


Degree Plan

Advising Information

Sociology Faculty Advisor: Charles A. Dickinson, MA
Office Location: Ada 1328
Direct Phone: 208-562-2476
Email: charlesdickinson@cwidaho.cc

Instructor Info

Sociology Faculty: Charles A. Dickinson, MA
Office Location: Ada County Center, Rm 1328
Direct Phone: 208-562-2476
Email: charlesdickinson@cwidaho.cc

Adjunct Faculty

Derrick Snow 
Desiree Roach  
Iris Hunter        
John McGuire 
Kim Johanek    
Linda Vermette             
Lynda Bennett 
Paul Sloan        
Ronda Cox         
Seth Kellam