Information Security and Digital Forensics

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“In our program we do about 80 percent hands-on work. Our program distinguishes itself greatly in that. I want people actually doing this stuff, not just talking about it.”

-- Don Bowers, Program Head

Program Overview

The world of information security and digital forensics is an exciting career possibility—and, at College of Western Idaho (CWI), you have an opportunity to join the front line combating hackers who are victimizing computers around the world. The goal of this program is to prepare security professionals to protect an organization’s data by taking preemptive measures against malicious attacks and to perform forensic investigation if security is breached. All students accepted into the program must submit to a criminal background check at their own expense. Please see to obtain more information about program admission and the background check.

What will you learn to do?

  • Install and configure computer hardware and software
  • Install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain local and wide-area computer network systems
  • Use data communication protocols
  • Solve software application problems
  • Troubleshoot hardware problems
  • Set up, print from, program, and back-up computers
  • Work within a TCP/IP environment
  • Communicate well with customers
  • Write a resume, search for a job, and interview effectively
  • Further skills will be learned in area of specialization

What kind of degree(s) can you earn?

Why do I need a background check?

When preparing for a career in the area of information security a quality background check is essential for the protection of both the student and the training institution. Security professionals are held to a higher standard than many information technology professionals which is why many employers will require a background check before hiring any new security personnel. A background check will ensure that the Information Security and Digital Forensics program conforms to industry standards with respect to the training of security specialists. Results of the background checks are confidentially retained by the Information Security and Digital Forensics Program at CWI.

If derogatory information is found as a result of the background check, further review with the student may be required in order to obtain placement in the Information Security and Digital Forensics Program. Derogatory information that may preclude a student from entering the Information Security and Digital Forensics include a DUI in the past three years, felony in the past seven years, and drug trafficking. See the CWI Policy for Information Security and Digital Forensics Background Check for further information about what the background checks will include.

For information on obtaining a Background check, visit any CWI One Stop Student Services location for more detailed information.

Admission Information


Degree Plan

Instructor Info

Program Head:
Don Bowers

Linda Otto

Career Info

What kind of career can you expect?

Computers around the world are systematically victimized by rampant hacking. This hacking is not only widespread, but it is being executed so flawlessly that the attackers compromise a system, steal everything of value, and completely erase their tracks within 20 minutes. This program will prepare technicians to protect an organization’s data by taking preemptive measures against malicious attacks.

What skills, traits, or prep classes would be helpful?

  • Keyboarding