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The History Program at College of Western Idaho prepares students for an exciting career in many fields by studying the past as it relates to the present and to the future; ours is an approach that affirms worthy heritages, welcomes long-neglected voices, applies innovative tools, interacts with other fields of study, and cultivates the virtue of hope in a world both deeply divided and globally interwoven.

- Walter Miszczenko, Faculty and Program Head History

Program Overview

The study of history provides the world with an understanding of, and ability to interpret, the past. The goal of our History program is to give you a strong foundation to pursue further education in the discipline. By completing the requirements for this degree, you will earn an Associate of Arts degree in History and meet the general-education requirements for all Idaho public universities.

As a History major, you can take your passion down a number of different career paths, including becoming a teacher. You may also choose to pursue a career as a professional editor, work in museums or archives, or take a position with state or federal government agencies. An academic focus on history can also provide excellent preparation for law school.

Program Mission

The mission of the history major at the College of Western Idaho (CWI) is threefold.  Students will become competent in core skills like critical thinking, communication, and information literacy.  Beyond the core skills, students will gain a firm foundation of historical principles, research methods, and applications.  Finally, students will be prepared for junior-level transferability to a four year institution.

Why History?

After completing the Associate of Arts in History degree you will be prepared to transfer to a four-year college or university and begin specialized courses at the junior level.  A student who wishes to pursue a bachelor’s degree in History should transfer to a four-year institution offering a History bachelor’s program; there are many areas of emphasis in this field of study.  Students with a bachelor’s degree in History often pursue careers in teaching, while others become professional editors, work in museums or archives, or take positions with state or federal government agencies.  History also provides an excellent preparation for law school.

Additional Educational Opportunities at CWI

Consider joining the History Club! The purpose of the CWI History Club is to…

  • Foster the development of social ties among students by creating opportunities for interaction.
  • Emphasize hands-on experience and involvement with the community by pursuing and facilitating service projects and volunteer work.
  • Promote knowledge and interest in the field of history by providing opportunities for interaction among students, faculty, and members of the profession.  

Contact Reggie Jayne or Walter Miszczenko with questions about the CWI History Club.


Course Descriptions

  • HIST101 – Western Civilization I
  • HIST102 – Western Civilization II
  • HIST111 – U.S. History I
  • HIST112 – U.S. History II
  • HIST251 – Latin American History

Degree Plan

Advising Information

Students may contact Reggie Jayne or Walter Miszczenko for specific advising about the History major.

University Transfer

Look beyond your degree at CWI and plan for continuing your education by working closely with your CWI advisor and with representatives of your intended transfer school. Learn more about the articulation agreements CWI has with other institutions.