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Geography is a multi-faceted field that allows people to study the earth’s surface as well as its inhabitants. Careers available to students include teachers, urban planners, cartographers, global-positioning specialists, and jobs in public and private sectors. The U.S. Department of Labor lists geo-spatial technology (GIS) as one of today’s top three high-growth technology fields.

Program Overview

Are you intrigued by the study of the earth, its people, and its many environments? College of Western Idaho (CWI) offers you an opportunity to explore geography with this associate degree program. Our curriculum will present you with a broad, place-centered perspective on the transformation of environments by society and nature at a variety of scales, from the local to the global.

This degree could prepare you for a wide variety of careers, including becoming a teacher, urban planner, cartographer, global-positioning specialist, and many types of government jobs. Completion of the program is designed to result in an Associate of Arts degree in Geography and meet the general-education requirements for all Idaho public universities.

Program Mission

The mission of the geography program at the College of Western Idaho is threefold. The interdisciplinary program provides a broad foundation in geography that introduces students to a spatial perspective that seeks to understand patterns and relationships between the human and physical environment. Fundamental skills in critical thinking and problem solving are developed in order to identify, describe, and analyze local and global events. Finally, students will be prepared for junior-level transferability to a four year institution.


Degree Plan

Advising Information

Please contact a full-time faculty member for academic advising.

University Transfer

Look beyond your degree at CWI and plan for continuing your education by working closely with your CWI advisor and with representatives of your intended transfer school. Learn more about the articulation agreements CWI has with other institutions.

Instructor Info

Adjunct Faculty

Bryan Krouse

Career Info

Most employers prefer candidates to hold a BA or BS degree in geography.  Your AA in geography will transfer to Boise State University, Idaho State University, and University of Idaho where you may finish upper division course-work toward this pursuit.

Areas of employment for geography majors include:


  • Environmental management
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Natural resource management
  • Climatology
  • Natural hazard perception
  • Hydrology


  • Foreign policy
  • National security
  • Immigration policy
  • Non-governmental organizations


  • City/regional planning
  • Transportation
  • Emergency and disaster planning
  • Tourism
  • Real estate development
  • Resource exploration
  • Demography


  • International business
  • Site location analysis
  • Real estate analysis
  • Transportation
  • Agricultural Planning
  • Travel/Tourism Planning

Geographic Technology

  • Geographic information systems
  • Cartography
  • Remote sensing


  • Teaching
  • Research

The Association of American Geographers has an extensive jobs and careers resource section. http://www.aag.org/cs/careers

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