Electronics Technology

“I had excellent instructors who provided real-world examples from their own experiences working in business and industry. My education opened doors. I have been promoted, and now I earn an excellent salary with benefits.”

-- Jim Bell, Electronics Graduate

Program Overview

Working as an electronics technician is a fun career that will provide you with opportunities in a fascinating field with the potential for good pay and a variety of options. The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Electronics Technology program will give you the chance to receive a basic understanding of electronics before focusing on an area of your choice. You will learn foundational electronic skills during your first year and then choose to specialize in advanced electronics, manufacturing systems, instrumentation, renewable energy systems, and more.

What will you learn to do?

  • Understand core electronic skills
  • Understand and apply basic electronic theory
  • Interpret electronic symbols, schematics, and terminology
  • Make use of standard and advanced electronic components, including analog and digital integrated circuits, microprocessors, and microcontrollers
  • Perform printed-circuit-board work, including soldering and component replacement
  • Troubleshoot and repair industrial systems, including instrumentation, digital and microprocessor, communication and electromechanical systems
  • Analyze and program programmable logic controller systems
  • Understand electronic communication methods and circuits
  • Understand principles and applications behind Laser and Fiber Optics systems, and use opto-electronic devices
  • Work with electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and robotic control systems
  • Make use of computers to analyze and simulate electronic circuits, and assemble technical documents and reports
  • Communicate professionally

What kind of degree(s) can you earn?

What else should I know?

This program involves both electronics theory and hands-on lab work with state-of-the-art electronic test and measurement equipment. The Associates degree can be completed in two years. Part-time options are also available.


Degree Plan

Instructor Info

Program Chair:
Mikel Douglas


Vincent Palagi


Mike Scuka

Andy Sherrange

Career Info

What kind of career can you expect?

This program will help prepare you to be able to install, service, and maintain electronic equipment that is used in a variety of high-tech industries. Often this involves in-plant and field work where the technician may be called upon to analyze failures and perform repairs in robotic, telecommunications, computer, environmental monitoring, biomedical, semiconductor assembly and test, or optoelectronic systems. Today’s high-tech needs make the sky the limit for graduates.

What skills, traits, or prep classes would be helpful?

  • Familiarity with math and algebra
  • Aptitude in mechanics and some level of manual dexterity
  • Computer (PC) familiarity and work experience
  • Reasonable-to-good abilities in written and verbal communications
  • An interest in problem solving and the ability to master puzzles
  • Ability to follow directions and pay attention to details

Need more info?

Program Chair
Phone: 208.562.2363