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“We are emphasizing things like thinking styles, ethics, decision-making, and how to use data effectively. We want to challenge students and push them to go a lot further than they typically would in business classes.”

- John Nordstrom, Business Department Chair

Program Overview

If you are pursuing a career in business, the Business—General program at College of Western Idaho (CWI) is a great starting point. At CWI, you can earn an Associate of Arts degree and meet general-education requirements to transfer to any Idaho public university. The program is designed to introduce you to the basic core business courses. You will however, have the opportunity to select a focus area in accounting, finance, international business, or marketing and management.

Program Mission

CWI’s Business program prepares students to become effective entrepreneurs, business employees or four-year business degree seekers. Instructors transform students by facilitating the following program goals:

  • Analysis and Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Effective Performance
  • Global Awareness
  • Pursuit of Personal Goals

Why Business – General?

The Business – General associate degree is designed primarily to prepare you to become a four-year degree seeking student at one of Idaho’s colleges or universities.  The program includes the quantitative courses that are the foundation for junior- and senior-level classes.  Additionally, the CWI Business degree aims to provide you with a solid foundation for becoming a better employee or business owner, but better opportunities will become available for those students willing to go onto a bachelor’s degree in a business related field.

Why Business with an Accounting Emphasis?

After completing the Business–General degree with an accounting emphasis you will have the opportunity to transfer to a four-year college or university and begin specialized courses at the junior level.  If you wish to take the Certified Public Accountant exam you should register in General Business and complete the accounting emphasis and then transfer to a four-year institution to complete your studies.  This degree is not meant to prepare you for employment immediately after you complete the degree.  If you do not want to pursue a four-year degree you should enroll in the Accounting and Bookkeeping program which does not transfer to a university.

Additional Educational Opportunities at CWI

All students are welcome to join the Entrepreneurs Club (eClub). The eClub works on organizing events for the community and students to learn more about business ownership.

Students who complete Accounting 250, personal income tax, in the fall may do an income tax practicum in the spring semester that involves assisting CWI students and community members with completion of their tax statements.


Course Descriptions

  • ACCT 201 & 202 – Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • BUSA 207 & 208 – Business Statistics for Decision Making 1 & 2
  • BUSA 265 – Legal Environment of Business
  • ECON 201 & 202 – Macroeconomics and Macroeconomics

Degree Plan

Advising Information

The biggest problem that CWI business students have when trying to graduate in a reasonable amount of time is getting their math requirements out of the way.  It is recommended that you take math every semester until you complete Brief Calculus (MATH 160) or Calculus I (MATH 170).  In addition, MATH 108 is a prerequisite for the core business classes ACCT 201 and BUSA 207.  As both of these classes have subsequent classes as well, you can expect to attend CWI two semesters following completion of MATH 108.

Sample class sequences will be posted here soon for students wanting to complete a Business degree at Ada County Center at night, online, and at Nampa Campus.

University Transfer

Look beyond your degree at CWI and plan for continuing your education by working closely with your CWI advisor and with representatives of your intended transfer school. Learn more about the articulation agreements CWI has with other institutions.

Instructor Info

Program Head: John Nordstrom
Office Location: Nampa Campus Multipurpose Building, Room 207                                                                                                    Direct Phone: 208-562-3314
Email: johnnordstrom@cwidaho.cc
Classes taught:  ECON 201, ECON 202, BUSA 201, ECON 296

Full Time Faculty: Dave W. Berggren
Office Location: Nampa Campus Multipurpose Building, Room 207
Direct Phone: 208-562-3312
Email: daveberggren@cwidaho.cc
Classes taught:  BUSA 101, BUSA 207, BUSA 208, BUSA 250

Full Time Faculty: Joe Welker
Office Location: Nampa Campus Multipurpose Building, Room 207
Direct Phone: 208-562-3332
Email: joewelker@cwidaho.cc
Classes taught:  ACCT 201, ACCT 202, ACCT 250, BUSA 265, FINA 209

Adjunct Faculty

Richard Aman
Classes Taught: BUSA 101

Jorene Batali
Classes Taught: FINA 102, BUSA 101

Michell Boldt
Classes Taught: ACCT 201, ACCT 202, BUSA 101

Taylor Cox
Classes Taught: ECON 201, ECON 202

Hamilton Galloway
Classes Taught: ECON 202

John Harvey
Classes Taught: BUSA 101, BUSA 215, BUSA 265

Ryan Henson
Classes Taught: BUSA 265

Paul Hiller
Classes Taught: BUSA 101, BUSA 250, FINA 102

Kevin Jensen
Classes Taught: FINA 102

Carol Johansen
Classes Taught: BUSA 101, FINA 102

Vicky McIntyre
Classes Taught: BUSA 101, BUSA 256, ECON 201

Shelly Moore
Classes Taught: BUSA 101, BUSA 215, BUSA 207, BUSA 208, BUSA 215

Stephanie Petersen
Classes Taught: BUSA 101

Craig Randall
Classes Taught: BUSA 201, BUSA 215

Megan Ronk
Classes Taught: ECON 202

Brooke Smith
Classes Taught: BUSA 201

Larry Squires
Classes Taught: ACCT 201, ACCT 202, BUSA 101, BUSA 255

Bruce Strom
Classes Taught: ECON 201, ECON 202, FINA 102

Fred Sutton
Classes Taught: ACCT 201, BUSA 101

Eric Wallentine
Classes Taught: ECON 202

Dan Welker
Classes Taught: BUSA 207, BUSA 208