Baking and Pastry Arts

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Program Overview

In order to succeed in the baking industry, it is necessary to perfect skills that are both artistic and scientific. At College of Western Idaho (CWI), we can develop your skill set in the kitchen and prepare you for a wide variety of careers – from independent and in-store bakeries to large commercial bakeries, restaurants, and hotels—with our two-year Baking and Pastry Arts program.

Whether you are interested in completing an Advanced Technical Certificate or finishing the Associate of Applied Science degree, you will benefit from our hands-on approach to teaching you the ins and outs of baking. Throughout the course of this program, you will build a strong foundation in basic concepts, methods, and chemistry of cooking and baking. We will also help you develop both as an artist and businessperson through instruction and valuable industry internship experiences.

The program follows the American Culinary Foundation Educational Institute–required knowledge and skill competencies for degree programs.

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Students must attend a mandatory orientation session prior to registering for classes.



Degree Plan

Note: Students must attend a mandatory orientation session prior to registering for classes. View schedule below for upcoming sessions.


Instructor Info

Program Chair:
Kelly Steely

Jackie McDonald